Application for Vocational Training Partner

A. General Information About the Institute

1. Name of Institution*:
2. Postal Address:
City/Place: Block/Tehsil* :
Pin Code*: State:
3. Phone No. with STD Code/ Mobile No.*: Email:
4. Name of the Principal*: 5. Qualifications of the Principal:
Administrative Experience (in Years)*: Teaching Experience (in Years):

B. Information About the Society/Trust/Soleproprietorship/Partnership/Company Running the Institute

1. Name and address of Trust/Society/Etc *:
2. Is the Trust/Society/Etc Registered?
3. If Yes, under which Act? *:
4. Year of Registration:

(Certified copy of the Certificate of Registration and Memorandum of the Society is to be enclosed. Enclosure-I)

Registration No.*:
5. Whether the Trust/Society/Etc/Management is of non-proprietary character:

(List of members with their addresses stating how the menbers are related to each other to enclosed. Enclosure-II)

6. Name and official address of the Manager/President/Chairman of the Centre:

Name : Designation:
Address : Phone No. with STD Code:

C. Infrastructural and Academic Facilities:

1. Is the Institution/ college located in a rented building or own building?
a). Area of school/campus*
(in Acres)
(in sq. Mtrs.)
b). Built up area (in sq. Mtrs.) *

2. Infrastructure Details:

a). Rooms, Libraries and Laboratories

S.No. Item No. of Rooms Size in sq. ft. (l*b) Area in sq. ft.
1. Classrooms

(min. 300 sq. ft. each)

2. Composite Science Lab
3. Physics Lab
4. Chemistry Lab
5. Biology Lab
6. Maths Lab
7. Computer Lab
8. Library
9. Other Roos/Hall
10. Special Needs Workshop

3. Teaching Staff (List of staff indicating qualifications, subjects(s) taught & experience etc. to be enclosed. Enclosure-VII):

S.No. Staff No. of Permanent Teachers No. of part time Teachers Total
1. TGTs (Trained Graduate Teachers)
2. PGTs (Post Graduate Teachers/Lecturers)
3. Librarian
4. Vice Pricipal/Head Master/ Head Mistress

4. Administrative support staff:

S.No. Staff Permanent Not Permanent Total
1. Clerks
2. Lab Attendants
3. Accountants
4. Peons

Other Facilities:

a. Facility of Toilets
b. Facility of Drinking Water

5. Library Facilities:

Total No. of Books No. of Dailies (Newspapers) No. of Magazines

6. Other Facilities available in the school:

Sports & Games Dance Room Gymnasium Music Room Hostel Health and Medical Check up

Other Relevant Information: