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Glocal University Had Always Been After New Ideas And Innovations. The Search For An Educational Output Combining The Needs Of The Time For Universal Education, Eradication Of Unemployment In The Rural And Urban Areas Especially Among The Poor And Backward Sections Of Society And The Exhortation Of The Government To Spread Professional Education Through On- Job Learning Mode, Culminated In The Introduction Of B. Voc Courses, Which We Believe Would Address These Problems At Least To A Considerable Extent. Our Aim Is To Equip The Students With Talent, Efficiency And Competency To Face Any Challenge That May Arise In Their Professional Career. We Wish The Students Brilliant Careers Through Induction Into And Successful Completion Of Our Prestigious Job- Oriented Courses.

We believe that spreading quality education is meant not only to prepare professionals with expertise, but also to instill confidence and capabilities of entrepreneurship in students. The curriculum plans of all courses conform to the latest requirements and competencies in the employment sector of the modern age. Special focus is given to develop courses to cater the changing and growing needs of the industrial and service sectors as well as agricultural sector and allied activities. Students can start learning while they gain practical experience at the work place and earn degrees which excel any degree earned through regular studies. Numerous students who have successfully completed our courses are placed in high position in many countries. We provide the

students with best syllabus, learning tools and course delivery and programs designed and developed by experts in various disciplines. The value and acceptability of the degrees are guaranteed by the high accreditation of the university by UGC, AICTC, NBA, AIU, PCI, NCTE etc.

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B.Voc to bring you closer to professions or excellence in professions! The best syllabus, best course delivery and high acceptability based on the accreditation of all the relevant agencies in the higher educational field for recognizing and certifying the quality of educational institutions. Highly valuable job- oriented courses. You are welcome to join us in our effort to make your studies comfortable and life secure.


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