• Glocal University welcomes institutions for collaborations that share the same vision as the university of promoting quality and affordable education in India by focusing on providing practical training to students.

  • Glocal School of Vocational Studies provides various vocational and skill development programs in various streams like Paramedical, Information Technology, Business Management, Banking and Financial Services, Agriculture, Hospitality and Hotel Management, and many more. All these courses are UGC-certified and are recognized by various public and private organizations in our country.

  • Through this collaboration, we aim to create awareness of choosing the right program for students that aligns with their interests and career aspirations. Our mutually beneficial partnership will help students get admission to a program of their interest to achieve professional success in their careers.

  • To become our valuable partners for vocational training courses or skill development courses, the institutions need to fill up the authorization application form available in the “Join Us” section and are required to submit the form with supporting documents.
  • For Vocational Training Partner

    Institutions will select the option of joining us as Vocational Training Partners. Glocal School of Vocational Studies and Vocational Training Partners will work in collaboration for the admission of students in the vocational courses. Click Here

  • For Skill Training Partner

    The option of “Skill Training Partner” must be selected by the institutions. Glocal School of Vocational Studies and skill training partners will work collaboratively to help students in securing admission to the skill development programs. Click Here


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