Dental Hygiene

About Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene involves studying teeth and gums and exploring ways to safeguard our teeth from infections. It includes techniques like plaque removal & receding gums, to ensure the proper maintenance of teeth in healthy condition.

Duration of course: 3 years

Dental Hygienists, while assisting Dentists, are responsible for thoroughly examining, diagnosing, and treating various oral health issues, including conditions like teeth or gum diseases, mouth injuries, and other dental emergencies. In addition to possessing technical expertise in dental equipment, qualities like effective communication and strong interpersonal skills are also needed in this field of medical science as these medical professionals are responsible for counseling people about proper oral care.

B.Voc in Dental Hygiene from Glocal University

With an increasing awareness of dental health, there is a growing demand for Dental Hygienists in medical hospitals and dental clinics. This surge in demand for supporting professionals within the dental care sector has created extensive job opportunities for individuals holding a degree in Dental Hygiene.

B.Voc in Dental Hygiene from Glocal University is a certified dental program getting accreditations from UGC, AIU, and PCI which assures quality education of the course. The curriculum is structured in such a manner that it seamlessly integrates theoretical understanding with hands-on practical experiences for a better understanding of the students. After completion of a Dental Hygiene course, students can choose from a wide range of career paths according to their skills and interests and can contribute to the well-being of people.

Key Highlights

University Name

Glocal University


Saharanpur, UP

Course Name

B.Voc in Dental Hygiene

Course Type

UG Degree


3 years




Semester wise

Average Course Fee

50,000/ year*


Interested candidates should have passed class 10+2 or equivalent in a relevant stream from a recognized board.


2-8 LPA

Eligibility Criteria

  1. 12th Pass
  2. You should have at least a 50% score in your 12th-grade exams.
  3. If you have a Biology diploma, you can also apply.
  4. The candidate must be above 17 years of age while applying for the course.


First Semester

1. Oral Histology

2. Dental Material

3. Oral Pathology

4. Environmental Studies

5. Oral HistologyPractical

6. Dental MaterialPractical

7. Oral PathologyPractical

8. Project Work-I

Second Semester

1. Oral Medicine

2. Oral Microbiology

3. Oral Pharmacology

4. Oral MedicinePractical

5. Oral Microbiology - Practical

6. Pharmacology – Practical

7. Project-II

Third Semester

1. Health and Hygiene

2. Anatomy and Physiology

3. Nutrition Counseling

4. Health and Hygiene-Practical

5. Anatomy and Physiology - Practical

6. Nutrition Counseling - Practical

7. 7 Project-III

Four Semester

1. Public Health Dentistry

2. Periodontology

3. Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry

4. Public Health DentistryPractical

5. PeriodontologyPractical

6. Pediatric and Preventive DentistryPractical

7. Project –IV

Fifth Semester

1. Conservative Dentistry

2. Oral Embryology
3. Orthodontics
4. Conservative Dentistry – Practical
5. Oral EmbryologyPractical
6. OrthodonticsPractical
7. Project-V

Sixth Semester

1. Endodontics

2. Prosthodontics

3. General Medicine

4. Endodontics – Practical

5. Prosthodontics –Practical

6. General MedicinePractical

7. Project-VI

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Career Opportunities

There are several job options after completing a B.Voc in Dental Hygiene. Some of them are listed below.

Dental Hygienist

Oral Health Educator

Public Health Dental Hygienist

Researcher in Oral Health

Dental Sales Representative

Dental Hygiene Instructor/Educator

Consultant for Oral Health Programs

Teledentistry Specialist

Practice Management

Dental Research and Development

Forensic Dental Hygienist

Military Dental Hygienist

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes. The dental Hygiene vocational course is a very important and highly in-demand course that deals with the oral health care problem of people.

Candidates must be at least 17 years old and have achieved a minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology during their 12th-grade studies.

The fee for a Dental Hygiene program is 1.5 lakhs for a 3-year course.

B.Voc in Dental Hygiene is a degree program offered by Glocal University that provides students with the study of Dental Hygiene.


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