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About Yoga & Naturopathy

The Bachelor of Vocation (B. Voc) in Yoga and Naturopathy is a 3-year undergraduate program that aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of yoga, naturopathy, and allied healthcare practices.

Duration of course: 3 years (6 semesters)

Why B.Voc in Yoga & Naturopathy from Glocal University?

  • The B.Voc in Yoga & Naturopathy at Glocal University is endorsed by both UGC and AICTE, earning recognition in both the public and private sectors. 
  • This three-year degree program offers flexibility with multiple entry and exit points, allowing students to obtain certifications, diplomas, or degrees based on their duration in the course.
  • Addressing essential elements of the Yoga & Naturopathy industry, the B.Voc Yoga & Naturopathy course explores theoretical and practical aspects, incorporating real-life projects and internships to provide hands-on industry experience.
  • Enrollment in the B.Voc course is open to beginners and individuals with a few years of work experience.
  • The B.Voc program imparts training in physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness, fostering lifelong benefits for success in both personal and professional aspects of a student's life.

Course Key Features

University Name

Glocal University


Saharanpur, UP

Course Name

B.Voc in Yoga & Naturopathy

Course Type

UG Degree


3 years (6 semesters)




Semester wise

Course Fee



Class 10+2 or equivalent


2.8-5.4 LPA


First Semester

1. Foundations and Principles of Yoga-I

2. English

3. Human Anatomy

4. Massage and Accupressure

5. Health Education-I

6. Practical of Yoga

7. Practical of Massage & Acupressure

8. Practical of Human Anatomy

Second Semester

1. Foundations and Principles of Yoga-II

2. Computer Proficiency

3. Human Physiology

4. Acupressure and Su-Jok

5. Health Education-II

6. Practical of Yoga

7. Practical of Acupressure and Su-Jok

8. Practical of Health Education

Third Semester

1. Yoga & Health

2. Computer Software Application

3. Magnet Therapy

4. Fitness Management

5. Chromotherapy

6. Global Tourism Geography

7. Practical of Yoga

8. Practical of Magnet Therapy & Chromotherapy

9. Practical of Fitness Management

Four Semester

1. Applied Yoga

2. Environmental Education

3. Dravyagun Vidnyan

4. Panchakarma and its Applications-I

5. Hydrotherapy & Mud Therapy

6. Physiotherapy Application

7. Practical of Yoga

8. Practical of Elective-I

9. Practical of Panchakarma

Fifth Semester

1. Yoga Therapy

2. Disaster Management

3. Kashaya Kalpana

4. Panchakarma and its Applications-II

5. Diet Nutrition and Fasting

6. Physiotherapy: Electropathy

7. Practical of Yoga

8. Practical of Elective-I

9. Practical of Panchakarma

Sixth Semester

1. Internship

Admission Process

  • Apply Online: Visit Glocal University's official website and sign up for the vocational course.
  • Offline Option: You can reach out to the university directly to get an application form for offline admission.
  • Complete the Form: Fill in all the necessary information on the form and submit it to the university. Make sure you get all the details.
  • Document Check: After you register, the university will check your documents to make sure everything is in order.
  • Secure Your Seat: If you meet the requirements, you can confirm your spot in the program by paying the necessary fees to the university.
  • Counseling Support: If you ever need extra help or advice during the admission process, Glocal University provides free counseling for students like you.

Course Fees

The total expense for the entire program is INR 1,50,000, and students have the flexibility to make payments through different methods. The program is divided into six semesters, with each semester incurring a fee of INR 25,000.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants should have completed their 12th grade in any stream from CBSE or any recognized board in India. 
  • To gain admission to the B.Voc in Yoga & Naturopathy course, a minimum of 50% marks in the 12th class is essential.
  • International students are welcome to apply for enrollment in the course.

Career Opportunities

Yoga Instructor/Teacher


Ayurvedic Practitioner

Alternative Medicine Researcher

Corporate Wellness Consultant

Health and Wellness Blogger/Influencer

Spa and Wellness Center Manager

Fitness and Yoga Studio Owner

Holistic Nutritionist

Medical Yoga Therapist

Wellness Coach

Yoga Retreat Organizer

Rehabilitation Specialist

Mindfulness and Stress Management Consultant

Community Health Educator

Holistic Spa Therapist

Educational Instructor

Geriatric Yoga Instructor

Top Hiring Industries

  • Holistic Wellness Centers
  • Spas and Retreat Centers
  • Fitness and Yoga Studios
  • Healthcare Facilities with Integrative Medicine
  • Educational Institutions
  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Ayurvedic Centers
  • Holistic Health Clinics
  • Mindfulness and Stress Management Programs
  • Alternative Medicine Clinics
  • Senior Living Communities
  • Tourism and Hospitality Industry
  • Fitness and Lifestyle Publications
  • Sports Teams and Athlete Training Centers
  • Community and Recreational Centers
  • Mind-Body Apps and Platforms
  • Nutritional and Herbal Product Companies
  • Nonprofit Organizations

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Frequently Asked Question

The B.Voc in Yoga & Naturopathy course is a 3-year program and consists of a total of 6 semesters.

Glocal University in Uttar Pradesh provides vocational training in Yoga & Naturopathy and provides certification, diploma and degree according to the course duration.

The total cost for the B.Voc in Yoga & Naturopathy is 1.5 lakhs for the three-year course


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