B.Voc in Physiotherapy


Dec 24,2023

B.Voc in Physiotherapy

B.Voc in Physiotherapy, also known as Physical Therapy, is a therapeutic practice delivered by physiotherapists. Physiotherapists evaluate patients' bodily functions, especially those affecting mobility, and identify the underlying causes of injuries. They then implement procedures to optimize an individual's physical potential. Specializations in physiotherapy include areas such as Neurology, Osteology, Myology, and more.

This approach places a strong emphasis on addressing patients' health concerns through interventions like body movements, stretches, and programs designed to improve strength and flexibility. Unlike relying solely on pharmaceutical treatments, physiotherapy aims to enhance overall well-being through physical methods. Physiotherapists evaluate patients' bodily functions, especially those affecting mobility, and identify the underlying causes of injuries. They then implement procedures to optimize an individual's physical potential. Specializations in physiotherapy include areas such as Neurology, Osteology, Myology, and more. 

The B.Voc in Physiotherapy is a three-year undergraduate degree program that has obtained approvals from UGC, AIU, and PCI. This ensures that upon completing the vocational physiotherapy degree, professionals have the flexibility to practice in both public and private settings

Physiotherapy offers one of the most appealing salary structures among paramedical fields. The heightened global recognition of the crucial role played by physical therapy in overall well-being has resulted in a growing demand for physiotherapists. This trend makes it an attractive career option for students of B.Voc in Physiotherapy with aspirations to work in the medical sector.

Benefits of Pursuing B.Voc in Physiotherapy from Glocal University

  • The B.Voc in Physiotherapy has obtained essential approvals from the UGC, ensuring the program's recognition in both the government and private sectors.
  • This course incorporates various entry and exit points. After finishing two semesters, students earn a diploma certification, an advanced diploma after four semesters, and a degree upon successfully completing all six semesters. Even with a diploma certificate, students remain eligible to apply for jobs.
  • The primary emphasis of the B.Voc in Physiotherapy is on providing practical experience, with a curriculum divided into a 60-40 ratio of hands-on and theoretical learning.
  • Upon finishing the B.Voc in Physiotherapy, students become eligible to seek admission to physical therapy masters programs. This advanced education enhances their proficiency and improves their prospects for securing better job opportunities in the future.

Key Highlights

University Name

Glocal University


Saharanpur, UP

Course Name

B.Voc in Physiotherapy

Course Type

UG Degree


3 years




Semester wise

Average Course Fee

50,000/ year*


Interested candidates should have passed class 10+2 or equivalent in a relevant stream from a recognized board.


2.4-10 LPA


First Semester

1. Human Anatomy-I

2. Physiology & Biochemistry

3. Orientation in Physiotherapy & First Aid

4. Environmental Science

5. Human Anatomy-I – Practical

6. Physiology – Practical

7. Biochemistry – Practical’s

8. Project – I

Second Semester

1. Human Anatomy-II
2. Advanced Physiology
3. Fundamentals of Biomedical Physics
4. Human Anatomy-II - Practical

5. Advanced Physiology - Practical
6. Fundamentals of Biomedical Physics Practical
7. Project-II

Third Semester

1. Exercise Therapy

2. Introduction to Orthopedics

3. Electrotherapy

4. Exercise Therapy - Practical

5. Introduction to Orthopedics - Practical

6. Electrotherapy - Practical

7. Project-III

Four Semester

1. Advance Exercise Therapy

2. Advance Electro Therapy

3. General Medicine

4. Advance Exercise Therapy - Practical

5. Advance Electrotherapy - Practical

6. General Medicine - Practical

7. Project-IV

Fifth Semester

1.Community Medicine

2.Clinical Orthopedics

3 Clinical Neurology & Neurosurgery

4 Physical Assessment & Manipulative Skills - Practical

5.Therapeutics Exercise & Massage - Practical

6 Clinical Neurology & Neurosurgery - Practical


Sixth Semester

1. Physiotherapy in Cardiorespiratory & General Conditions

2. Physiotherapeutic Nutrition & Health

3. Pediatrics Nutrition and Health

4. Physiotherapy in Cardiorespiratory & General Conditions - Practical l

5. Physiotherapeutic Nutrition & Health - Practical

6. Pediatrics Nutrition and Health - Practical

7. Project-VI

Admission Process

Applicants who have successfully completed their 12th grade or an equivalent qualification with a score of 50% or higher are welcome to visit Glocal University's official website and submit an application for admission to the B.Voc in Physiotherapy course. Upon completing the registration, applicants need to furnish the required documents, including personal details such as name, date of birth, and residential address, as well as academic qualifications and work experience, as specified by the authorities. After providing all the necessary information, applicants can then proceed to make the course fee payment to confirm their enrollment in the program.

Course Fee

The fee for the course is organized on a per-semester basis, with students required to pay INR 25,000 for each semester. The total fee for the three-year degree course amounts to INR 150,000. Universities provide various payment options to meet the diverse needs of students.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates are required to have completed the 12th grade from a recognized educational board, with the preferred percentage being 50% or above. 
  • There is some flexibility in qualifying marks for candidates in reserved categories.
  • The university mandates the submission of necessary documents for verification.
  • Candidates must fulfill the minimum age requirement of 17 years.

Career Opportunities

Clinical Physiotherapist

Orthopedic Physiotherapist

Rehabilitation Coordinator

Sports Physiotherapist

Pediatric Physiotherapist

Geriatric Physiotherapist

Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapist

Women's Health Physiotherapist

Community Physiotherapist

Researcher in Physiotherapy

Occupational Health Physiotherapist

Home Health Physiotherapist

Academic and Clinical Educator

Telehealth Physiotherapist

Neurological Physiotherapist

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Top Hiring Industries

  • Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions
  • Sports Medicine Centers
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Elder Care Centers
  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Fitness and Wellness Centers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government Health Departments
  • NGOs and Charitable Organizations
  • Private Practice

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