Diploma In Shipbuilding Engineering

About Diploma In Shipbuilding Engineering

With the latest developments in complex marine technologies, it is now possible to construct large ships that can accommodate thousands of people simultaneously or can be used for a variety of purposes such as transporting vast amounts of goods from one place to another. This has been made possible by capable engineers who are committed to constructing safe and secure floating vessels through multiple stages of planning, testing, designing, constructing, repairing, and maintaining using various tools and techniques. The skills and knowledge of these processes are acquired by undergoing a formal mode of education that trains students in this specialized field of engineering. NIMS Group of Institutions is offering a certified diploma course in shipbuilding engineering to students after which they can secure employment in this domain.

Duration of course: 3,6,11 month

About Shipbuilding Engineering

Shipbuilding Engineering is the process of planning, designing, testing, constructing, managing, repairing, and maintaining large ships, including commercial vessels and naval ships, through various processes and technologies such as simulation software, resource management, quality control measure implementation, and process optimization. This field of study combines principles of mechanical engineering, marine engineering, and naval structural engineering to ensure structural integrity, enhanced efficiency, robust safety, cost reduction, and optimized performance of the floating vessels across various operational conditions and to comply with industrial standards. 

About Course

This diploma course in shipbuilding engineering is specially designed for students who want to pursue a career in marine engineering. This course will help students acquire the necessary skills and knowledge that are needed to effectively carry out all the roles and responsibilities associated with this subject domain. Students have the opportunity to complete this course according to their preferred duration of study. The institution provides multiple learning plans to accommodate students' specific time and financial needs.

Course Overview

College Name

NIMS Group of Institutions


Kochi, Kerela

Course Name

Shipbuilding Engineering

Course Type


Course Duration

3-6 Month + 6 Month Internship

Mode of Education


Application Process

  • Online
  • Merit-based

Course Fees

3-month course - INR 10,000-12,000/-

6-month course - INR 15,000-18,000/-

11-month course - INR 22,000-25,000/-



Average Salary

7.80 LPA



  • Basics of ships
  • Parts of a Ship
  • Common names for decks
  • Types and Uses of Ships
  • Introduction to shipyard


  • Personal protective equipment
  • Dry-docking and major repairs
  • ship repair industry
  • ship repair industry
  • Fabricating and Repairing Large Structural Components


  • Introduction to Welding
  • Welding Position,
  • Welding Joints,


  • Introduction to Pipe Fabrication, Explain
  • Pipe and Materials, Safety Colors
  • Materials, Calculation and Cutting, Pipe Fabrication

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