About Textile

The textile industry is related to creating, manufacturing, and distributing textiles and related products, providing materials for a variety of purposes such as apparel, home furnishings, and industrial applications. Beyond its practical significance, the sector plays a significant role in supporting economies and has an immense influence because of its deeply rooted historical and cultural relevance.

Duration of course: 3,6,11 month

Why Skill Development Program in Textile?

The textile industry has the second-largest share of employment in our country and hence there is a considerable demand for skilled professionals trained in textile and related fields such as handicrafts, handlooms, sericulture, and textile technologies. The UGC-approved Textile skill development program aims to provide students with specialized technical skills that are suited to the demands of the textiles market to meet this demand. The main objective is to ensure that graduates possess an understanding relevant to the industry, preparing them to achieve success in securing entry-level jobs in this broad and substantial field.

Course Key Highlights

University Name

Glocal University


Saharanpur, UP

Course Name


Course Type


Minimum Education


Required Age


Mode of Education


Course Fee

3-month course - 10000-12000/-

6-month course - 15000-18000/-

11-month course - 22000-25000/-

Specializations in Textile

Printing on Clothes

Textile Lab Technician

Yarn Making

Career Opportunities after Completing Skill Development Course in Textile

  • Textile Designer
  • Textile Technologist
  • Sourcing and Procurement Specialist
  • Apparel Designer
  • Colorist
  • Textile Researcher
  • Textile Marketing and Sales
  • Textile Conservationist
  • Technical Textile Specialist:
  • Textile Machinery Sales and Service
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Textile Educator
  • Fashion Stylist

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