Soft Skills

About Soft Skills

Soft skills refer to the set of qualities people possess which they develop by engaging in various activities throughout their lives. These skills are different from hard skills as these skills are not just acquired through classroom learning but also developed through personal experiences.

Duration of course: 3,6,11 month

Soft skills include your personality traits such as Skills in Communication, Collaborative Teamwork, Flexibility and Adaptability, Effective Problem-Solving, Efficient Time Management, Leadership Qualities, Emotional Awareness and Intelligence, Conflict Resolution Capabilities, Effective Networking, Innovative Creativity, Analytical Critical Thinking, Stress Management Abilities, Negotiation Proficiency, Customer Service Excellence, Interpersonal Relationship Skills.

Why Skill Development Program in Soft Skills?

Soft skills are vital in an individual's personal and professional life, facilitating the maintenance of successful relationships, the creation of a positive work environment, issue resolution, efficient time management, and staying self-motivated. Enrolling in a soft skills development program assists students in acquiring these essential traits. The curriculum covers Communicative English and Computer Fundamentals, Spoken English, Personality Development, Entrepreneurship Skills Development, Human Resources Development, Employability Skills, Domain Knowledge, Health Safety and Daily Work Management, all delivered through a practical learning approach.

Course Key Highlights

University Name

Glocal University


Saharanpur, UP

Course Name

Soft Skills

Course Type


Minimum Education


Required Age


Mode of Education


Course Fee

3-month course - 10000-12000/-

6-month course - 15000-18000/-

11-month course - 22000-25000/-

Specializations in Soft Skills

Spoken English

Personality Development

Communication Skills Development 

Entrepreneurship Skills Development 

Personality Trainer


Communication Skills Trainer

Entrepreneurship Trainer

Employability Skills


Career Opportunities after Completing Skill Development Course in Soft Skills 

  • Human Resources (HR) Specialist
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Sales Representative
  • Team Leader
  • Project Coordinator
  • Training and Development Specialist
  • Entrepreneur/Small Business Owner
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Life Coach/Motivational Speaker
  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Educator

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