Medical Imaging Technology

About Medical Imaging Technology

Medical Imaging Technology is the field of medical science in which various technologies are used by doctors to see inside the body without surgery. It uses different machines to make pictures of the bones, organs, and blood vessels. This helps doctors understand what's happening inside and decide how to treat the patient.

Duration of course: 3 years (6 semesters)

There are many types of machines like X-rays, CT scans, and more. People who know how to use these machines are called Medical Imaging Technologists, and there are many jobs for them because the technology is evolving on a global scale.

B.Voc in Medical Imaging Technology from Glocal University

At Glocal University, you can study B.VOC in Medical Imaging Processing. It's a 3-year program that helps you learn about using imagine technology inside the body to help doctors figure out what's wrong. This program is approved by UGC and AICTE, which means it's a good and trustworthy education.

The Medical Imaging Technology course is not entirely theoretical and you also get exposure to real life situations in a hospital. This is different from many other universities that provide these courses online. The program is designed to help you understand how different machines work and how they are used in healthcare. After finishing the course, you can have a job as a Medical Imaging Technologist, and there are lots of job opportunities because this field is always growing and getting better.

Key Highlights

University Name

Glocal University


Saharanpur, UP

Course Name

B.Voc in Medical Imaging Technology

Course Type

UG Degree


3 years




Semester wise

Course Fee



Interested candidates should have passed class 10+2 or equivalent in relevant stream from a recognized board.


3-18 LPA

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Candidates should have completed Intermediate with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as their main subjects with a minimum percentage qualification from a recognized board. Ideal percentage qualification would be 50% or above.
  2. 10th passed candidates with a 2 year diploma would be eligible for direct admission in 2nd year (3rd semester).
  3. After registration with the university, candidates are required to present asked documents for verification and seat allocation process.
  4. Students are required to maintain the minimum health standards due to the nature of the medical profession.


First Semester

1. Human Anatomy-I

2. Human Physiology -I

3. Basic Physics including Radiological Physics

4. Fundamentals of Medical Imaging Technology

5. Human Anatomy-I Practical

6. Human Physiology-I Practical

7. Basic Physics including Radiological Physics Practical

8. Fundamental of Medical Imaging Technology 

9. Practical Project Work -I

Second Semester

1. Human Anatomy-II
2. Human Physiology -II
3. Pathology Related to Radiology
4. Orientation in Para clinical Sciences
5. Human Anatomy-II Practical

6. Human Physiology-II Practical
7. Pathology Related to Radiology
8. Practical Project Work - II

Third Semester

1. Conventional Radiological Equipments-I

2. Radiography & Imaging Processing Technique-I

3. Regulatory Requirement in Diagnostic Radiology & Imaging Act and Rules

4. Conventional Radiological Equipments-I Practical

5. Radiography & Imaging Processing Technique-I Practical

6. Regulatory Requirement in Diagnostic Radiology & Imaging Act and Rules

7. Practical Project Work – III

Four Semester

1. Conventional Radiological Equipments-II

2. Radiography & Imaging Processing Technique-II

3. Hospital Practice & Care of Patient Conventional

4. Radiological Equipments-II Practical

5. Radiography & Imaging Processing Technique-II Practical

6. Hospital Practice & Care of Patient

7. Practical Project Work -IV

Fifth Semester

1. Modern Radiological & Imaging Equipments including Physics

2. Darkroom Procedure Contrast & Special Radiographic Procedure

3. Modern Radiological & Imaging Equipments including Physics


4. Darkroom Procedure

5. Contrast & Special Radiographic Procedure

6. Practical Project Work – V

Sixth Semester

1. Physics of Advanced Imaging Modalities

2. Advanced Modalities Imaging Techniques

3. Quality Control in Radiology & Radiation

4. Safety Physics of Advanced Imaging Modalities Practical

5. Advanced Modalities Imaging Techniques Practical

6. Quality Control in Radiology & Radiation Safety Practical

7. Recent Advances in MIT 

8. Practical Project Work VI


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Career Opportunities

There are several job options after completing B.Voc in Medical Imaging Technology. Some of them are listed below.

Radiologic Technologist or Radiographer

MRI Technologist

CT Technologist

Ultrasound Technologist

Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Mammography Technologist

Cardiovascular Technologist

Radiation Therapist


PACS Administrator

Clinical Instructor or Educator 

Researcher in Medical Imaging

Healthcare Administration

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Frequently Asked Question

The curriculum of the B.Voc programs at Glocal University has been structured collaboratively by industry professionals and seasoned faculty members. The integrated curriculum has an integration of balanced theoretical and practical approaches.

B.VOC Medical Image Technology course is undergraduate degree programs spanning 3 years of curriculum

During the Medical Image Technology course, candidates will receive a diploma certificate after completing 1st year of the course, after the second year they will receive an advanced diploma certificate and the degree will be provided to them after completing the whole journey of 3 years.


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