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About Machine Learning & Al

The Machine Learning & AI B. Voc curriculum is crafted to empower students with the flexibility to embrace technological advancements in the IT sector.

Duration of course: 3 years (6 semesters)

Machine Learning involves the development of algorithmic models that can learn from data inputs and make decisions based on these algorithms. Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, and Reinforcement Learning are different forms of Machine Learning distinguished by the nature of input and output data.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) pertains to technology designed to emulate or surpass human intelligence. AI can perform diverse tasks, including operations such as facial recognition, speech recognition, personalized suggestions, and demand forecasting.

Why B.Voc in Machine Learning & Al from Glocal University?

The Machine Learning & AI B.Voc curriculum is crafted to empower students with the flexibility to embrace technological advancements in the IT sector. Accredited by UGC and AICTE, the syllabus emphasizes an industry-relevant curriculum, fostering hands-on learning and practical projects. This strategy immerses students in real-world projects, enriching their comprehension and proficiency in the field. The demand for skilled professionals in Machine Learning & AI is robust, contributing to substantial career growth and lucrative salaries in these roles.

Course Key Features

University Name

Glocal University


Saharanpur, UP

Course Name

B.Voc in Machine Learning & AI

Course Type

UG Degree


3 years (6 semesters)




Semester wise

Course Fee



10+2 or 10+diploma


2.5-10 LPA

Course Curriculum

First Semester

1. Basics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

2. Object Oriented Programming using Python

3. Python Programming Lab

4. Mathematics-I

5. Language-I

6. English-I

Second Semester

1. Data Structures and Algorithm

2. Statistical Structure in data using R

3. R Programming Lab

4. Statistics-I

5. Language-II

6. English-II

Third Semester

1.Java Programming

2. Neural Networks

3. Java Programming Lab

4. Advanced Database System

5. Advanced Database System Lab

6. Pattern Recognition

7. Generic Electives-I

8. Skill Enhancement Course-I

Four Semester

1. Natural Language Processing

2. Deep Learning

3. Machine Learning and its Applications

4. Machine Learning using WEKA Lab

5. Internet of Things

6. Generic Electives-II

7. Skill Enhancement Course-II

8. Environmental Science

Fifth Semester

1. Machine Vision Systems

2. Big Data Analytics

3. Statistical Analysis System/SPSS Programming

4. Statistical Analysis System /SPSS Programming Lab

5. Discipline Specific Elective-I

6. Discipline Specific Elective-II

7. Skill Enhancement Course-III

Sixth Semester

1. Web Mining & Recommender Systems

2. Data Science using Python

3. Data Science Lab

4. Discipline Specific Elective-III

5. Discipline Specific Elective-IV

6. Project work

Admission Process

Prospective candidates are recommended to visit Glocal University's official website and register for the B.Voc in Machine Learning and AI Skills course. Applicants are required to fill out the application form and remit the registration fee. Upon satisfying these criteria, candidates will be eligible for consideration in the seat allocation process for the course.

Course Fee

The total course fee for the B.Voc in Machine Learning & AI degree program is 1.5 lakhs which is divided into 50000 for each year.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for enrollment in the B.Voc course in Machine Learning & AI, applicants must have completed their 10+2 with a minimum of 50% marks. Additionally, individuals with diplomas obtained after the 10th class are also eligible to apply for the course.

Career Opportunities

Machine Learning Engineer

Data Scientist

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

AI Research Scientist

Computer Vision Engineer

NLP Engineer

Robotics Engineer

AI Consultant

AI Product Manager

MLOps Engineer

AI Ethicist

AI Trainer/Annotation Specialist

AI Software Developer

Quantum Machine Learning Scientist

AI for Healthcare Specialist

Financial Analysts using AI

AI Gaming Developer

AI in Cybersecurity Analyst

Top Hiring Companies

Some of the top companies that hire professionals in Machine Learning & AI -

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Amazon
  • Facebook 
  • IBM 
  • Apple 
  • Tesla 
  • Netflix 
  • Adobe 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Intel 
  • Samsung

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Frequently Asked Question

B.Voc in Machine Learning & AI is a vocational course that focuses on training students with practical knowledge of Machine Learning & AI. B.Tech in computer science is an engineering course of 4 years.

B.Voc in Machine Learning & AI is a regular course in which students are trained in offline mode.

There are a total of 6 semesters which are divided into 2 semesters per year.


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